How to improve wellbeing?

It starts first with measuring wellbeing, which the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) does on an annual basis, and has done since 2011. 

It is also about how we work together – across government, business, charities and our communities – at what really improves people’s lives in a sustainable way. 

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How to improve wellbeing?

Wellbeing-centered policy

Wellbeing can be a primary consideration at all stages of policy development.
From setting the agenda for a policy and agreeing what is the primary outcome, to evaluating the impact of policy, wellbeing can helpfully provide the overarching goal. 

For the more detailed design process of a policy, there is much wellbeing evidence to draw on in terms of what we know can improve outcomes. However, many evidence gaps remain, particularly with respect to how different interventions affect different people.  

Policy design for wellbeing can be further complicated by the challenge of understanding the complexities of this multi-dimensional issue that operates at the individual and community level. Selecting the right indicators for wellbeing can be difficult. Yet the process of addressing these complexities can result in more robust policy with broader social gains. It also doesn’t have to happen from scratch, or be insurmountably difficult, as a solid foundation of emerging evidence from UK and overseas research offers a starting place to build the evidence. 

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