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How to measure wellbeing?

The good news is that wellbeing can be – and is – being measured at the local, national, and international levels.

There are a range of approaches to measure wellbeing, suited for different contexts and aims.

How to measure wellbeing?

Charities, social enterprises and community groups

Charities and social enterprises want to measure what matters, to improve lives and make a difference. Funding bodies are increasingly asking for measures that capture real impact, beyond traditional outcomes. Wellbeing is now widely recognised as an evidence-informed, established approach to understanding how your service, project or programme makes a difference.

Read more about why charities and funders benefit from using a wellbeing lens.

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Close Charities, social enterprises and community groups

Workplace and employers

Governments – national, devolved, local and wider public sector


Evaluating wellbeing: six steps

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