Maximise your local area wellbeing: tailored support for local authorities

About Maximise your local area wellbeing: tailored support for local authorities

[bctt tweet="@WhatWorksWB supporting up to 12 local authorities to maximise the #wellbeing impact of local government policy. Sign up:" username="WhatWorksWB"] We understand the pressures of responding to Covid-19 have intensified the demand on local authorities, as you work to tackle existing inequalities in health and wellbeing in your communities. Our programme of support is customised to your needs and challenges, offering three half-day sessions over six months of facilitated insight from specialists and local authority peers.

If you are creating new policies to tackle inequality; refreshing your Health & Wellbeing Strategy; or updating a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment – we are able to provide tailored, practical, evidence-informed support for a six month learning programme for up to 12 UK local authorities. 

You will be supported by our dedicated Local Authority Lead – Joanne Smithson – with the latest data, and access to relevant tools and techniques. And just as importantly, you’ll have a space to sound out ideas in a confidential and supportive one-on-one environment.

Where it supports your goals, there will also be the opportunity for you to connect with other participants to share solutions and questions.

What can you expect?

Over six months:

  • One to one bespoke support from our Local Authority Lead, Joanne
  • Small group facilitated learning, with other local authorities taking a similar strategic approach
  • Peer support from across the programme.

As well as addressing your specific needs and context, we will give you tools and techniques to:

  • use wellbeing data and assess wellbeing need
  • find evidence of what works to improve wellbeing applies in your area
  • select measures you could use for understanding wellbeing impact
  • effectively review and evaluate policy.

To express interest

Email Joanne at and include:

  • your role and local authority
  • what strategy you are working on, and whether it is new or a refresh
  • your timescales.

Deadline for signing up to this programme: Monday, 15 February 2021


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