Here you can explore the work we do to improve wellbeing. From research and building evidence to implementing methods in the real world, find out more about our projects below.

November 2022
Rapid review of community agency and control

Exploring the extent to which and how community wellbeing improves when communities exercise agency and control.
October 2022
Maximising local area wellbeing

With tailored support for local authorities
August 2022
The wellbeing value of arts and culture interventions

A rapid review exploring the social and economic value for people and places.
July 2022
Accelerating wellbeing data analysis

Our wellbeing data usage library shares free-to-use code making data more accessible and easy to use.
June 2022
Board-level and governance wellbeing roles

Understanding how board-level wellbeing champions and wellbeing assurance roles are being delivered in practice.
March 2022
Reconceptualising loneliness in London

Exploring the structural influences, drivers and unequal distribution of loneliness in the UK's capital.
March 2022
Loneliness across the life course

Changes to social isolation and wellbeing over time and between generations
March 2022
Green Book training: Wellbeing guidance

Training content and session for economists on the HMT Green Book Supplementary Guidance on Wellbeing.
February 2022
Business Leaders’ Council

An event series for businesses and employers highlighting issues around workplace wellbeing
November 2021
Dying well

A spotlight on wellbeing when living when a terminal illness
May 2020
Measuring Wellbeing Series

Exploring key concepts and debates in the measurement of wellbeing.
October 2017
Measuring wellbeing inequalities

Building understanding and measurement capability of wellbeing inequalities in Britain