Here you can explore the work we do to improve wellbeing. From research and building evidence to implementing methods in the real world, find out more about our projects below.

May 2022
Supporting student mental health

Resources and knowledge to help universities and colleges provide support for students.
March 2022
Reconceptualising loneliness in London

Exploring the structural influences, drivers and unequal distribution of loneliness in the UK's capital.
March 2022
Loneliness across the life course

Changes to social isolation and wellbeing over time and between generations
January 2022
Loneliness and wellbeing in young people

Building our understanding of who and how young people are affected
June 2021
Carers’ Music Fund

Insights on female carers' wellbeing and loneliness
May 2021
Covid-19 and wellbeing

The impact of the pandemic on wellbeing