Here you can explore the work we do to improve wellbeing. From research and building evidence to implementing methods in the real world, find out more about our projects below.

November 2022
Rapid review of community agency and control

Exploring the extent to which and how community wellbeing improves when communities exercise agency and control.
October 2022
Maximising local area wellbeing

With tailored support for local authorities
October 2022
Social capital: Evidence review and synthesis

Examining interventions that sought to improve community cohesion, social support networks and neighbourhood belonging.
August 2022
The wellbeing value of arts and culture interventions

A rapid review exploring the social and economic value for people and places.
May 2022
Places, spaces and social connections review update

Adding evidence from the past five years to further build the social infrastructure and wellbeing evidence base.
November 2021
Different people, same place

Exploring the interrelationship between community and individual wellbeing
June 2021
Carers’ Music Fund

Insights on female carers' wellbeing and loneliness
October 2020
Volunteer wellbeing

What works and who benefits from volunteering?
February 2020
Wellbeing and Community (WELLCOM)

Engagement in arts and culture
November 2016
Music, singing and wellbeing

Supporting music and singing activities which enhance and maintain subjective wellbeing in adults