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May 2022

Supporting Student Mental Health

Resources and knowledge to help universities and colleges provide support for students.

Supporting student mental health
In partnership with

Supporting student mental health

Mental health is the top driver of overall life outcomes. 

Knowing what can be commissioned and done with confidence in the outcome is key to improving outcomes.

Knowing where the knowledge gaps are, what is truly innovative and working with partners to fill those gaps is key to accelerating learning, including working on methodological developments. 

What have we done?

A consortium of partners has pooled its expertise to help universities and colleges to identify and make use of effective practice in supporting student mental health.

This has resulted in the creation of a ‘what works’ digital resource shared across the partner sites that includes:

  • An practitioner toolkit collating up-to-date info on what we know works
  • In-depth information on intervention types
  • A bank of case study examples
  • Evaluation guidance

Who is this for?

Anyone working with students or interested in supporting student mental health looking to use evidence to inform decision making, practice and future research.

This includes:

  • Student mental health practitioners
  • Student services and related support staff
  • Leaders and senior managers of higher education institutions
  • Teaching staff
  • Evaluators
  • Education funders/commissioners
  • Policymakers
  • Researchers interested in student mental health and wellbeing

How to use the resources

Explore the wealth of information in the resources below, hosted across the partner sites.

Use the insights to inform the design, delivery and evaluation of student mental health interventions.

Get in touch to let us know how you’re engaging with them.

Knowledge use and generation

These resources are designed to be iterative and sustainable. If you’d like to submit an evaluation or case study for inclusion, or let us know about a useful additional resource, please get in touch.


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