May 2022

Supporting Student Mental Health

Resources and knowledge to help universities and colleges provide support for students.

Supporting student mental health
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Mental health is the top driver of overall life outcomes. This issue has grabbed the social spotlight during the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly for students who experienced an especially difficult time. 

It is crucial that they continue to receive the right mental health support as universities and colleges return to normal. 

Knowing what can be commissioned and done with confidence in the outcome is key to improving outcomes. Knowing where the knowledge gaps are, what is truly innovative and working with partners to fill those gaps is key to accelerating learning, including working on methodological developments. 

Supporting student mental health

Through this project, a consortium will pool their expertise to help universities and colleges to identify and make use of effective practice in supporting student mental health.

Specifically, we will:

  1. Consolidate the learning from What Works Wellbeing, SMARTEN and TASO into a single ‘what works’ digital resource to be used across all partner sites.
  2. Identify evaluations to work on that will accelerate learning across the sector. This could be common activities that have not been researched or activities that are harder methodologically to pave the way for future studies.
  3. Maintain and build knowledge use and generation networks.

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