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July 2022

Civil Service wellbeing over time

Civil Service wellbeing over time

About the paper

Employee wellbeing is an important concern for employers. An unhappy and unmotivated workforce is likely to experience greater absence, turnover, and lower productivity than one that has higher wellbeing.

Collecting and analysing workplace wellbeing data provides an insight into how staff wellbeing is affected across organisations and type of work, over time, and in the context of the wider world.

Through the Civil Service People Survey, the UK government has collected wellbeing data in the civil service with results available from as far back as 2014. This provides valuable insight into employee wellbeing in different government organisations before, during and through recovery from the pandemic.

In this short paper, we consider:

  1. How civil service wellbeing has changed through the pandemic, and since the survey started;
  2. Whether the experience of the pandemic has been the same across the civil service, and;
  3. Whether civil service wellbeing has recovered from the pandemic, and and how different departments are affected.


Close About the paper

Changes through the pandemic

Were changes uniform?

Levels of change in wellbeing

Central departments

The latest data: 2021


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You may also wish to read the blog article on this document.

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