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November 2021

Dying Well: podcast mini series

Dying Well: podcast mini series

Wellbeing at the end of life

For this three-part podcast mini series, Clair Fisher spoke to experts in wellbeing, palliative care and healthcare policy. The series discussed the importance of wellbeing when living with a terminal illness, what works based on the evidence available and the evidence gaps that need more exploration.

The expert guests who joined Clair are Kathryn Mannix, Ingrid Abreu-Scherer, Erica Borgstrom, Catherine Millington-Sanders and Sam Royston.

Main episode

Why is a wellbeing approach important? What are the drivers of wellbeing? What’s the role of the workplace when living with a terminal illness, and how do we balance the needs of looking after ourselves and those around us? These are some of the questions discussed this episode.

Evidence gaps episode

This episode explores the evidence gaps and what our guests would like to see happen next in the field of living with a terminal illness and wellbeing.

Kathryn Mannix conversation in full

The final episode is the conversation with Kathryn Mannix in full, author of the bestselling book With the End in Mind.

Close Wellbeing at the end of life

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