May 2023


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What interventions are included in this domain?

Interventions that create a social and physical environment promoting good mental health. Such interventions are often for the whole population though they can easily be targeted to certain student demographics. 

This includes interventions that have an effect on: 

  • Promoting a mentally healthy environment proactively  
  • Social integration and belonging
  • Residential Accommodation
  • Physical Environment

Examples of these interventions include: 

  • Psychoeducational workshops and trainings
  • Peer support and buddying programmes
  • Yoga, mindfulness and other wellbeing activities
  • Support systems in accommodation settings
  • Developing green spaces and social spaces
  • Workspace redesigns with good lighting and ventilation
Close What interventions are included in this domain?

How do these types of interventions work?

How effective are they?

What features seem to be important?

Where can I find more guidance and information?

What don't we know?

Where does the evidence come from?

Key references

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