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June 2020

How cost effective is a workplace wellbeing activity?

How cost effective is a workplace wellbeing activity?
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This how-to guide and calculator – with a detailed user manual – helps you evaluate and compare the cost effectiveness of wellbeing activities in the workplace. 

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Before you can use the calculator or how-to guide, you’ll need to measure the change in the wellbeing of participants in your intervention – a basic before-and-after evaluation.

This means that you will have surveyed participants before they are exposed to any aspect of the intervention, and at some point after the intervention, in both cases asking the same question which captures their individual wellbeing. You must also have data on the estimated costs of the intervention.

You can use our wellbeing snapshot survey questions to create this survey – although it must include the question on life satisfaction.

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You may also wish to read the blog article on this document.

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