June 2023


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What are these interventions?

Psychoeducation refers to workshops and resources that teach skills that enable students or staff to manage their mental health or certain aspects of university life. These can be broadly themed such as managing wellbeing, or specifically tailored to certain difficulties such as managing sleep, alcohol problems, or anxiety. 

Psychoeducation workshops can also include themes that equip attendees with the skills to help others. These may vary widely, from courses on signposting and mental health first aid to courses specially tailored to staff working with specific demographics such as those living with autism, for example. Information, guidance and toolkits raise awareness, signpost and provide essential information for managing mental health difficulties

They can be useful preventative interventions and help to raise awareness, reduce stigma and signpost to other services.

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How do these interventions work?

How effective are they?

What features seem to be important?

Where can I find more guidance and information?

What don't we know?

Where does the evidence come from?

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