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November 2020

Strategy 2020

Strategy 2020

Our story

We are part of a ‘quiet revolution’ to improve wellbeing in the UK and reduce misery.

The Centre was established by the UK Prime Minister in response to the Commission on Wellbeing & Policy in 2014 to continue the implementation of the UK National Wellbeing Measurement Programme established in 2010. Whilst we have a global audience and partnerships, compiling the global knowledge base, our main focus is working with organisations in the UK to work out what works to improve wellbeing across our regions and nations.

Since 2014 we have worked with people and organisations from all sectors. We find out what works to protect and improve wellbeing for whom, when, where, why, and how. And then put evidence into action.

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What we're aiming to achieve

Wellbeing, done well

Our focus

How we achieve our aims

Our organisation


You may also wish to read the blog article on this document.

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