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The evidence of the wellbeing impact of team working, shared activities and wellbeing interventions.

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How we feel about where we work matters. It gives us a sense of purpose, a feeling of being in control of our lives, personal growth, positive relationships and improved self-esteem.

Beyond the the social and personal benefits of wellbeing at work, there is considerable evidence that higher levels of staff wellbeing are good for employers. It has links to performance and creativity while reducing staff costs.

There is strong and consistent evidence – from multiple, large scale scientific studies conducted in many countries – that the social aspects of work are associated with wellbeing.

However, creating a positive social atmosphere in a workplace is not
simple. Many organisations have employees from diverse backgrounds who may commute long distances from different areas. Lots of actions could potentially be taken – but which will work?

Starting with nearly 1,400 scientific papers and reports, we narrowed
our focus onto 8 studies of the best possible evidence to examine which
actions to improve workplace social atmospheres are also best for
improving wellbeing.

Everyone gets on... If they didn’t, a lot of people would be unhappy; I know I would

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What are the key findings?

How can we turn this evidence into action?


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