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July 2020

Workplace wellbeing question bank

Workplace wellbeing question bank

What is this question bank?

The Workplace Wellbeing Question Bank includes a list of questions that can be used by employers to measure and monitor the wellbeing of employees. By asking people directly about how they feel about various aspects of the job, employers can better target wellbeing activities and programmes in the workplace to improve wellbeing.

This bank is a collection of validated questions, which have been developed and used by various organisations to measure different aspects of wellbeing.
The bank includes questions that cover all relevant aspects of wellbeing derived from existing frameworks of wellbeing and work.

For most of these questions there is national data available for you to compare the results for your employees against.

You can use these questions as the basis for your own questionnaire, tailoring and adapting it to the needs of your organisation and the specific circumstances of your employees and the sector your work in.

Some of the evidence-based frameworks re-visited included:

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Choosing the questions to include in your survey

Getting the wording and answer scales for each question right

Understanding how your survey results compare with national averages

Using composite indices

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You may also wish to read the blog article on this document.

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